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Q. What is the cost of our service?

A.  Our service is free of charge! It costs no more to join a health fund through us, than it does to go direct.


Q. So how do we earn money?

A.  We are paid commissions by the health funds which are consistent with industry standards. Such payments in no way influence the advice we give.


Q. If I change funds, do I have to re-serve waiting periods?

A. Not for waiting periods already served.


Q. Can I have my choice of Doctor in a Public Hospital?

A. Not unless you have Private Hospital cover.


Q. Are my private health insurance premiums tax deductible?

A. No, but you may be entitled to a rebate, depending on your annual gross income.


Q. Which countries does Australia have Reciprocal Medicare Agreements?

A. New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Malta & Norway.

For emergency medical/hospital only.

It is emphasised in the Medicare information this is not suitable as medical/hospital cover in place of private travel insurance, purely for emergency only.

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